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Founded in 2000, Elite has been providing sophisticated IT services and support to large and small commercial customers as well as governments at various levels for over 15 years.  These services involve support of systems throughout their life cycles from concept development through operational support.  Businesses are challenged to stay ahead of the latest trends and competitive developments while building a responsive and agile IT capability to support growth. However, since everyone has access to the same tools, technology alone does not offer a competitive advantage. Your advantage depends on how you apply technology—more specifically, on the people who lead, support and optimize your IT initiatives.






Areas of strength and where we strive to maintain leadership


Elite understands the nature of your IT staffing requirements and has organized a network of highly qualified consultants that offer an impressive inventory of skills including hardware, software, operating systems, databases, programming languages and numerous IT methodologies.


  • Strong technical knowledge and experience dedicated to solving tough problems for our customers
  • Ability to re-engineer, design, and produce customized software solutions for commercial customers
  • Extensive experience in executing advanced technology programs


 Because your IT infrastructure can frequently change, IT staffing requirements also change.  As a result, the use of contract staffing is no longer a luxury but a necessity.



Our technical staff is comprised of engineers, training specialists, information technologists, and other professionals.  These professionals have world class technical talents, significant experience in providing systems and technical support services to commercial and government agencies, and motivation to help our customers achieve their goals as integral parts of a Team.

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